Inspiration for your Thanksgiving weekly spread

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! It’s the season to start planning because it’s getting crazy! I thought we could all use a little inspo for this weeks spread since holidays feel like there’s so much pressure to have a beautiful layout. I’m not even planning a Thanksgiving feast and I’m getting frantic. Right now, my car is in the shop (oh no!) so we have had to rearrange our bills a bit to make sure everything is paid for. It’s been stressful but sitting down and crafting a beautiful layout was very soothing. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my Happy Planner and the comforting feeling of checking off things on the to-do list! Continue reading “Inspiration for your Thanksgiving weekly spread”

Should you try to diet while you’re sick?


Happy Friyay y’all! As you may know I eat at a caloric deficit (it means to burn more fuel than I’m putting in) to lose weight. I recently returned to this habit shortly before getting the WORST EFFING COLD OF MY LIFE. I’d give my left arm to breathe properly again. This had me wondering, what would help me get the fastest recovery? Should I eat at maintenance or should I stick to my calorie deficit? So I dove into a little research. Continue reading “Should you try to diet while you’re sick?”

How to have the best Christmas in Seattle 2018


An essential part of having the best Christmas season is planning. It’s all about the bucket lists baby! Here to help you ring in the best possible Christmas in Seattle, WA is my bucket list. It’s got some splurges and it’s got some budget savers, but overall I think it’s a fantastic option for both budget babes and baller Betty’s. Don’t stress, my idea of budget is freeeee. Take a peak for the best Christmas activities in Seattle this year. Continue reading “How to have the best Christmas in Seattle 2018”

How to get featured on the blog

I am making necessary life choices to transition out of a tradition nine to five job to a more travel friendly lifestyle. I’ve decided to use my talents for good; using my deep love of social media and my ability to blather on about anything to promote YOUR company. Yay me! I also accept custom jobs. If you have a job that needs doin’ online – I got this. If you’re interested in signing up to offer similar jobs, go ahead and click the referral link and list yo’ offerings. I’m all about community over competition. Continue reading “How to get featured on the blog”